Ohana Danes - No Family is complete without a Dane

No family is complete without a Dane.

PUPPIES ARE HERE! Please read more about it at https://ohanadanes.com/blog/ . Thank you.

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Hi, and welcome! I'm Stacie Stern-Leaphart! I'm a Great Dane breeder behind Ohana Danes! I'm located in Winchester, VA, and I breed Danes for temperament, good health and for conformation. I strive very hard to breed a friendly, stable dog for families with beautiful conformation in the ring! My love for Danes began in childhood and I had my first Dane a fawn named Rocky while in high school and college in 1992 I purchased my first show Dane, a brindle named Neil, and began showing him in California then in Hawaii. Furthermore, I did not start breeding Great Danes until my kids were grown up, and driving. Great Dane Litters, or any litters for that matter are a huge responsibility when done correctly. It takes a lot of patience, planning, and dedication. My life is busy, but I make sure I give my life to my dogs, as they're my everything. After showing a female Great Dane in 2001, I felt like it was the right time in my life to have a litter, and start my journey in this passion of mine.

My dogs are known for having stable temperaments and can even be seen in several commercials and ads! Another factor that makes Ohana Danes unique is that I socialize pups well, and as a result they have a very stable temperaments! I chose the kennel name Ohana, (which is the Hawaiian word for 'family') because I feel that a Great Dane is the epitome of a family dog.
No family is complete without a Dane!
Courageous, beautiful, slightly goofy. That's a Great Dane for you.

At Ohana Danes we take
Enrichment & Socialization process very seriously. The puppies play with children, play with agility equipment, hear lots of sounds, play with a pool of balls, take car rides, play with a wobble board, etc etc. We strive to socialize the puppies by all means, as it is an important factor in their overall growing up process. Ohana Danes also includes additional benefits with the puppy, such as a small bag of food, or a toy with their littermates' scent. If you would like to know more about what comes with the puppy, please use the contact form.

On the other hand, Ohana Danes provides a reliable
health guarantee, and we have high health testing levels(excellent rating for the breed standard). We offer a 5 year health guarantee! It covers any possible genetic disease listed in the Padgett's Book of Genetics. All dogs are OFA tested, and these are the tests as follows:

- Hip Dysplasia (Definitive)
- Elbow Dysplasia (Definitive)
- Eye Certification (OFA)
- Cardiac Evaluation
- Thyroid
- Brucellosis
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All Great Dane owners think their Dane is the best. They are right.
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The price of the puppy depends on the pedigree of the litter. Please use the contact form on our site, and we can discuss further for any questions or concerns you may have! We breed occasionally, and as a result waiting time depends on that. The wait list can get big, and I tell any potential puppy owner that patience is key! At Ohana Danes we strive for quality, not quantity! Puppies go home 8 weeks after birth. It is crucial Puppies spend time with their littermates and mothers, as they need time to nurse. This is a very important before they going their new families. Otherwise, the puppies can have developmental issues, and other drastic impairments.

The other thing families and people are eager about, is how to get ahold of one our amazing puppies. There are several ways to get your puppy to your home. It's as follows:

can visit me in Virginia in person, at my local airport in order to pick up your puppy, if you would like. You can also have your puppy delivered to you with a Flight in cabin with a flight nanny(me), or a chaperone. Or, have your puppy delivered to you safely with ground transportation (car or van), if you'd desire.

I hope you enjoy the site, and Ohana Danes wants to thank you for having an interest in our wonderful puppies. In order to get a puppy please fill out the puppy application form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!